Jan Scholten

Content: valerenic acid; iridoid glycosids; salysilic acid.

Dipsacales is long recognised as an Order and is placed in Campanulidae in the Apg classifications. In the Apg1 classification it had 3 Families Caprifoliaceae, Dipsacaceae, Diervillaceae, Linnaeaceae, Morinaceae and Valerianaceae. In the Apg3 classification the Families have been fused and only 2 families are recognised: Adoxaceae with Sambucus and Viburnum in it and Caprifoliacae. Caprifolicaeae has several subfamilies: Caprifolieae, Diervilleae, Linnaeae, Dipsacaceae, Morindaceae and Valerianaceae.
The Order Paracryphiales, with one family Paracryphiaceae, has been difficult to place in older classifications and is placed as a near alley of the Dipsacales in the Apg3 classification.
In the Plant theory the subfamilies of the Caprifoliaceae are treated as families. Paracryphiaceae is combined in the Dipsacales.
There are relatively few genera in this Order and thus in the Families. The consequence is that there are not enough genera for each Stage of each Family. A discussion about this can be found in Chapter Discussion Complexity.

1. Adoxaceae
2. Linnaeaceae
3. Valerianaceae
4. Dipsacaceae, Morinaceae
5. Caprifolicaeae
6. Diervilleaceae
7. Paracryphiaceae