Jan Scholten

DD: Phase 1; Carbon series; Silicum series; Iron series; Silver series; Lanthanides.

In the Apg3 classification Cornales is placed in the Asteridae, before the Lamiidae and Ericales. In some researches Cornales have been placed after Ericales. Cornales are geographically disjunct and morphologically diverse, which has led to considerable confusion taxonomically. In the Cronquist system Cornales included Cornaceae, Nyssaceae, Garryaceae and Alangiaceae and was placed among the Rosidae. Many historical taxonomic interpretations differ regarding the significance of morphological variations and rankings of clades. It may represent an early and rapid diversification of the groups within the order.
Garryales is a small Order of 2 Families and 3 genera in the Lamiidae.
In the Plant theory Cornales is placed in the Lamiidae, in Phase 1. The plants of Cornaceae and Hydrangeaceae have qualities of Silver series and Lanthanides, traits of the Lamiidae. As a result it is fused with Garryales, an Order unknown in homeopathy. Phase 1, the first ramification of a clade often has traits deviating from the main clade, an aspect as if the trait has not fully been incorporated yet. The Ericales in contrast have the quality of the Iron series instead of the Silver series.
The division in Subphases is problematic due to lack of information about many plants and even Families. The placement of Cornaceae in Subphase 6, Loasaceae in Subphase 3 and Hydostachyaceae in Subphase 1 has evidence. The placement of Nyssaceae, Garryaceae and Icacinaceae is tentative.

1. Hydostachyaceae.
2. Garryaceae: including Eucommiaceae.
3. Loasaceae
4. Nyssaceae: including Grubbiaceae and Curtisiaceae.
5. Hydrangeaceae.
6. Cornaceae.
7. Icacinaceae: Metteniusaceae, Oncothecaceae.

Garryaceae: 2 genera, Garrya, Aucuba; basal clade in Garryales, Lamiidae; closely related to Eucommiaceae; woody; hairless or with very fine hairs; evergreen.
Eucommiaceae: 1 genus, Eucommia; basal clade in Garryales, Lamiidae; deciduous; latex.
Metteniusaceae: 1 genus, Metteniusa; basal clade in Lamiidae; not closely related to any of the Lamiidae families or Orders.
Oncothecaceae: 1 genus, Oncotheca; New Caledonia; basal clade in Lamiidae; previously placed in Theales or Oncothecales.
Hydostachyaceae: 1 genus, Hydostachys.
Loasaceae: 17 genera.
Hydrangeaceae: 17 genera.
Cornaceae: 2 genera.
Nyssaceae:: 5 genera.
Icacinaceae: 24 genera.