Jan Scholten

665.76.00 Convolvulaceae
English: Bindweed family, Morning glory family.
Content: D-lysergic acid amide, hallucinogenic substance, similar to LSD.
Content: glycoretinen, glycosids of hydroxyfatacids, producing violent diarrhoea but only after they have been in contact with gall; polyfenols, coffee acid; alkaloids, pseudotropine, similar to Solanaceae alkaloids.
DD: Lithium; Solanaceae; Beryllium, Silver series, Lanthanides.

The Convolvulaceae have as a striking contradiction in their desire to be free and unlimited on one hand and on the other hand to be carried and held. The desire to be free is strong and they do not want to be limited by their parents, by a baby box, by a bed in the night, by tight clothing. They have a need to discover the world, that fascinating entity out there where so many wonders exist to be discovered. They do not have time to sleep because there is so much to do and create.
On the other hand they are still in need of support. This is all the more so in children who need the help and support of their parents. It can also be the case later in life where they, although being adult, still cannot take care for themselves, for instance as an artist who does not make enough money to live. They have an aversion to being dependent and still feel too weak to be independent.

They have a desire for freedom and do not want to be restrained. They feel limited when people are standing in their way. They hate to be locked in, to be trapped, or when traffic is very busy and full. This can make them very irritable. They can feel locked in, in a fish pod. They like to be outside, in nature and have free space around them.
As children they become cross when they are limited. This is often at night, when they have to stay in bed. This leads to the well-known symptom of children being good in the daytime and cross at night.

Disturbed Noise
They can also have strong irritability in traffic, where others are impolite and just step or drive in their way. It can be maddening for them. Or they feel frustrated by neighbours who produce loud noise. They are very sensitive and even oversensitive to noise.

This freedom is often connected with a strong curiosity. They want to discover the world, especially the strange and uncommon things; they look out for the weird things. This is often expressed in arts. One can think of Roald Dahl.

They also have a need for support; they cannot stand on their own. They desire attention, warmth and being cared for. This creates a confrontation with their desire for freedom. This can lead to a constant struggle and fight between parents and children. They need their parents for support, but do not want them to interfere with their plans. They need parents who allow everything. Or they can be parents who feel blocked by their children.

Strange weird
They tend to be a bit weird, not in tune with normal society. They see things in a light way. They can have an autistic tendency, going their own way.

Artistic, shouting loudly, about themselves, showing their art, like a trumpet.
Childhood problems, lack of protection and support, raised by grandparents.
Bullied at school,feeling stupid, backward.
Connection problems, feels different, prefers staying alone and free.
Staring, absent minded.
Hysteria, < tension, impressions, hectic of the world.
Sensitive, oversensitive, < noise.
Desire: quiet solitude.
Down syndrome, autism.
Feeling powerless, needing support from family and parents, but acting as if they do not need it.

Sensation: constricting, constricted.
Aversion: milk, meat, fat.
Food: << milk, meat, fat.
Sleep: sleepless.

Infection: bacteria, virus, tuberculosis.
Nervous: convulsions, epilepsy, jerking, fainting.
Face: blue << stool.
Mouth: pain, biting; tongue.
Heart: palpitations, extra systole.
Stomach: belching, hiccough, distension, indigestion; nausea, vomiting green, yellowish.
Abdomen: pain cramping, griping, burning; problems of liver, gallbladder, bile duct; enteritis, hepatitis, peritonitis.
Rectum: ! diarrhoea, violent; stool yellow, green, bloody, thin, muddy, sour.
Urinary: kidney stones, gravel.
Limbs: pain, right shoulder, feet, toes, hands.