Jan Scholten

English: Rock-rose family.
Content: monoterpenes; sesquiterpenes.
DD: sulphur, boron.
Genera: Cistus, Fumana, Halimium, Helianthemum, Tuberaria; Crocanthemum, Hudsonia, Lechea.
Botany: 8 genera, 170-200 species; beautiful shrubs; temperate Europe, North America; dry, sunny habitats; poor soils; flowers showy, yellow, pink or white, short-lived, bisexual, regular, solitary or borne in cymes; five sepals, the inner three of which are distinctly wider, the outer two narrow, like bracteoles; stamens numerous, variable length; filaments are free; ovary superior, 3 carpels; placentation parietal with two or more ovules on each placenta; fruit a capsule, usually with five or ten valves; seeds small, with hard water-impermeable coating; mycorrhizal ability; fast renewal after wildfire.
Use: ornamentals; truffle production.
Culture: symbol of imminent death.

Cistaceae is placed in the Order Malvales in the Apg3 classification. They were formerly placed in the Violales.
In the Plant theory Cistales is split off from Malvales and placed in Phase 5. Cistaceae is placed in Subphase 3 in the Cistales.