Jan Scholten


There is a contrast between being pleasing and adapting on the one hand and trying to keep their independence and autonomy on the other hand.
They are very idealistic, having high ideals about autonomy, self-worth and respect for everybody in the world. They have a mission, to make the world a better world, both for themselves and others. Things have to go their way. But they have a kind of inner weakness which makes it difficult to push forward, to make things happen the way they want. They are too sweet and soft to go on. They need support and approval of others; they need co-operation and are shocked when others do not have those humanitarian qualities. They can easily be seduced from their goal and lose their rights.

Need for integrity, integrating all aspects of themselves.
They have a child-like quality, are very connected to their mother.
As a child they need constant contact with their mother.
Not adult, staying alone, not married, asexual.
Forced, bullied.
Weak, gentle, soft, delicate.
Relaxed, calm.
Coward, fearful, anxious about life.
Harsh, cruel, rough, vindictive, mean, spiteful, retaliation.
Cold, tight, emotional death.
Ailments from physical intrusions, wounds, injuries, beatings, operations, vaccinations, drugs.
Ailments from mental intrusions, domination, humiliation, rape, incest.
Delusion: lack of resistance, they need more resistance.

Type: Chinese internal cold.
Weather: chilly; shivering from cold alternating heat; > mountain.
Desire: milk.
Aversion: milk.

Discharge: haemorrhages, ecchymosis.
Fever: influenza; sinusitis, frontal.
Nose: hayfever.
Heart: pulse slow, hard.
Abdomen: liver problems.
Rectum: dysentery.
Female: menses copious; miscarriage; milk scanty.
Skin: wounds; injuries.