Jan Scholten


The themes of all the series are present: Hydrogen, Carbon, Silicon, Iron and Silver series and Lanthanides. But the emphasis is on Lanthanides.
The striving for autonomy is paramount. They want to be free and live their own lives. It goes together with a striving for psychological and spiritual development. They do all kinds of courses and therapies, following yoga, meditation, tai chi and the like. Often they become therapists themselves.
There is also a strong feeling of being responsible for the world. They want to make the world a better place for everyone. They transcend the cultural boundaries, do not want to feel limited by cultures, religions and rules.
They are often not very interested in worldly matters. Social opinion is not so relevant. They hate hypocrisy and phony behaviour, preferring honesty and directness. The show of the world is perceived as fake.
They do not understand how people can be short sighted, not seeing the spiritual world.
They do not know if they can become spiritual.

Anger, < being dominated, ordered, limited.
Sad, < feeling not free, < having a limited mind.

Head: headache, migraine.
Nose: hayfever.