Jan Scholten

English: Bellflower order.

Campanulales was a separate order in older classifications but Asterales is integrated in Campanulales in the Apg3 classification. This has been done because Campanulales as such is paraphyletic and becomes monophyletic only when Asterales are included.
In the Plant theory I have separated the Asterales and Campanulales. The homeopathic qualities are so distinct that it is better to treat Campanulales as a separate Order.
Lobeliaceae is treated as a separate family, instead of being part of Campanulaceae as in the Apg3 classification. Lobeliaceae has quite distinct Phosphorus qualities, indicating Phase 5.

1. Menyanthaceae: they feel like an outsider, fearing having to please others and lose their autonomy.
2. Stylidiaceae, Alseuosmiaceae, Argophyllaceae, Pentaphragmaceae, Phellinaceae: they have a place but have to work hard for it, or get overwhelmed by work or the group.
3. ? Rousseaceae + Carpodetaceae: too pleasing to be able to be autonomous.
4. Campanulaceae: they keep on working for the group, trying to find their autonomy.
5. Lobeliaceae: they feel limited and compressed by working for the group, looking for autonomy.
6. Goodeniaceae: they feel suppressed in the group, under a yoke, their autonomy taken away.
7. ? Calyceraceae: they will be rejected because they go their own way.

The Phase 3 quality of Boron has been established quite strongly in the past for Campanulaceae and Lobeliaceae, together with the lanthanide quality.
They have a kind of timidity and insecurity, as if they still hang onto parents or other strong people such as a husband, manager or teacher. It is as if they still need confirmation and reassurance from others and cannot find it in themselves. On the other hand, they are very strong, self-willed, going their own way. This leads to a strong inner tension. It is often as if they are pressing the gas and brakes at the same time. This leads to fatigue and exhaustion.

Soft, sympathetic, empathic, with animals.
Ungrounded, light, floating.
Lack of space.
Love problems, feels unloved by father and mother.
Capable, spiritual, sensitive, intuitive.
Desire autonomy, self-willed.
Energy: weak, unsure, feels unsafe, unprotected, like a little child.

Nervous: senses acute.
Vertigo: < sea, < riding a car, < roundabouts.
Ears: hearing acute, < noises.