Jan Scholten

Calcium metallicum has not been potentised yet for the same reasons that Kali and Natrium haven’t been potentised yet, i.e. they are too highly reactive. The themes of Calcium are not very different from the ones described in ‘Homeopathy and Minerals’ except for the theme ‘work’, which has not been mentioned previously. On top of this we can now say that the themes I described under the heading of Calcium are in fact applicable to Stage 2 in general. This aspect had not been clear before, probably due to the fact that most of our knowledge about Calcium had previously been deduced from our knowledge of Calcium carbonicum, where Carbonicum plays an equally important role, and whose influence we were not able to separate out from the overall picture until now.

The name is derived from the Latin ‘calx’, which means chalk. It gets used in building materials such as cement, concrete and plaster.
The pure metal is used as a reduction agent in chemical processes to free other metals from their chemical compounds.