Jan Scholten

6.15 Bismuthum

‘My God, my God, why hast Thou deserted me?’

The remedy we know as Bismuth is Bismuth subnitricum rather than pure Bismuth. Bismuth telluride and Bismuth selenide can cause granulomatous long affections (Dreisbach).

The name is either derived from the German word ‘Wissmuth’, meaning white mass, or from the German word ‘Wiese’, meaning meadow, because a meadow is often covered in red poppies, just like Bismuth which gets a red hue from a thin layer of Bismuthoxide. Miners sometimes called it ‘tectum argenti’, or roof of silver, because silver was often found underneath a layer of Bismuth.
Another word that Bismuth might be named after is the Arabic phrase ‘bi smid’, meaning: having properties of antimony. It was discovered in 1450 and its chemical symbol is Bi.
Bismuth is a brittle, coarse, crystalline grey metal with a reddish hue. it is found in nature in little crystals amongst other metals such as tin, copper, silver, gold and uranium. It is possible to create beautiful large crystals of Bismuth with artificial methods. It expands on being cooled. Bismuth melts at 271º C. The alloys* melt at even lower temperatures (down to 47º C), which makes them useful as fire alarms and fuses.
Bismuth is used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It creates beautiful transparent crystals with a reddish silvery sheen.


Stage 15 Gold series

Passing on Loss Leadership Management
Bankrupt Organisation Structure
Dying Responsible
Superfluous Serious Heavy
Surrender King
Sacrificing Handing over Power Dictatorial
Forgiving Poison Dignified Haughty
Unforeseen Alone Isolation
Refusing Obstinate Failure Hurt
Religion Sexuality
Ripe old age
Eyes Vision
Loss of power.
Bankruptcy of the existing powers.
Farewell to power.
Farewell to the throne: abdication.
Ousted from the kingdom.
Superfluous organisation.
Power is poison, it corrupts.
Refusing to abdicate.
Refusal by remaining dictatorial.
Refusing to remain dictatorial.
Losing out if you take responsibility.
Loss of dignity.
Alone in isolation.
Loss through death: harakiri.
Unforeseen looks.

Picture of Bismuth
Essence: bankrupt of the ruling powers.

Loss of power
They are losing and really have to say farewell to power. They have to end their career as a director, to abdicate as a king. It may be that their whole organi-sation has become superfluous. It may also be that their successors are throwing them out. They may even be robbed of all their medals and all their dignity.

Refusing to abdicate
Sometimes they won’t go without protest. They become dictatorial and fight the powers that are trying to take over. They are easily angered and feel offended by the slightest remarks. But it is no use, it is inevitable that they eventually have to surrender. The actual take over may be accompanied by bloodshed, murder or poisoning.

Power is poisonous, it corrupts
They may see that the takeover of power is inevitable so they set the thing in motion themselves. They have developed an aversion to power and all the corruption, arrogance and dictatorial tendencies that go with it.

Alone in isolation
The most well known feeling of Bismuth is the feeling of being alone. They feel alone as king and it is made worse by the fact that the reign is being taken away from them. The desire for human warmth and contact becomes even stronger. When they are little they want their mother to be near all the time. They will hold on to her hand all day if they get a chance. It is the situation of ‘My God, my God, why hast thou abandoned me’.

Preferring death rather than loss of honour
A typical them is probably ’harakiri’, the ritual suicide that is practised in Japan. The high powered person who hasn’t been able to live up to his responsibilities will at least retain his honour if he commits suicide. He stabs his sword into his stomach and pushes it up to his heart.
Fears: heights, falling, murder, death (3), suicide, heart disease, stroke, insanity, alone (3), people, crowds, religion, devil, God.
Dreams: heights, falling, erotic, lascivious, water reaching up to their lips.
Delusions: superior, alone, falling.
Irritability: obstinate < offended.
Mood: haughty, changeable, indecisive, restless, indifferent, hard, immoral, complaining, gloomy, suicidal.
Mental: dull, absent minded, confused, lack of concentration, rigid, insane.
Contacts: < alone (3), have to hold on to mothers hand (3!), closed, reserved.
Professions: king, leader, director, manager, president, chairman, captain, mayor, bishop, top sportsman or woman.
Causes: disaster, hurt, humiliation, in vitro fertilisation.

Type: male, dark hair, overweight.
Locality: right.
Weather: cold; > open air; < cloudy; < dry.
Time: < 11 pm, < night.
Desires: alcohol, drugs, bread, sweet, meat, cold water (2).
Aversion: raw meat, meat, eating.
Food: < drugs, cheese, > eating, < fasting.
Menses: absent, profuse, black; < menses, < pregnancy, < birth.
Sleep: sleeplessness (3), crying, grinding teeth.
Physical: < rest, < sitting, < lying, > walking, > motion, < dark, > pressure, > rubbing, < touch.

Weakness, nervousness and restlessness.
Pains: boring, contracting.
Sensations: swollen, blown up, heavy, full.
Glands, swollen, inflamed, indurated. Necrosis, abscesses.
Paralysis: Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis.
Epilepsy, clonic, tonic, tetanic. No feeling. Encephalopathy, Creutzfeldt-Jacob, dementia, myoclonus.
Headache. Face swollen. Trembling < anger.
Cold, bronchitis.
Eye complaints: inflammations, visula disturbances.
Heart complaints: high blood pressure, infarction, failure, pain.
Congestion of blood. Cerebral haemorrhage; anaemia.
Pulse: too fast, too slow, full, weak, irregular.
Stomach complaints: cramp, burning pain; vomiting << immediately after drinking(!), cancer. Infection with Helicobacter bacteria.
Abdominal pains with diarrhoea. piles.
Problems with testes and ovaries: inflammations, cancer, cryptorchism, sterility, amenorrhoea, metrorragia.
Affections of bones: necrosis, inflammation.
Molluscs. Peeling skin in palms of hands. Eczema, small red spots.
DD: Gold series, Stage 15.
DD Plumbum: still has some power, even if it is only a formal power. Bismuth is really losing all power, can’t even keep the pretence up any more.


About Bismuth alloys on fire detection
From English Wikipedia: "Many bismuth alloys have low melting points and are found in specialty applications such as solders. Many automatic sprinklers, electric fuses, and safety devices in fire detection and suppression systems contain the eutectic In19.1-Cd5.3-Pb22.6-Sn8.3-Bi44.7 alloy that melts at 47 °C (117 °F)[14] This is a convenient temperature since it is unlikely to be exceeded in normal living conditions. Low-melting alloys, such as Bi-Cd-Pb-Sn alloy which melts at 70 °C, are also used in automotive and aviation industries. Before deforming a thin-walled metal part, it is filled with a melt or covered with a thin layer of the alloy to reduce the chance of breaking. Then the alloy is removed by submerging the part in boiling water." It seems interesting to consider this kind of alloys, on a patient with a very high fire o heat sensitivity, where the symptoms agree with Bismuth and the other metals: Indium / Cadmium / Plumbum / Stannum. It deserves a good proving.