Jan Scholten


Case of Barbeuia madagascariensis, 663.22.02
A woman, 42, with allergy. She looks very mild, gentle and shy. Not confident. She speaks softly. Chief complaint: large pink pimples and wider patches, on legs and hands, which last for 1 week. Worse: from hot weather, hot shower, sunshine. Better: cool water. She is timid, shy, uncertain, hesitant, sensitive, tolerant, anxious. She does not take initiative, does not express anger. She needs support. She is easily upset by rudeness. She likes to talk with friends. She constantly feels that something must be done. Her mother did not like her partner and made her abort the baby and leave him. She listened to her mother. She wanted her mother to be happy. Shortly thereafter, the mother got cancer and died. The patient returned to her partner. She was very sorry that she had made an abortion. She got uterine cancer and a hysterectomy was done. After this period Natrum muriaticum relieved her and she cried a lot. A very supportive family, she loves to be together with them. She is very attached and anxious about them. If they do not answer on the phone right away, she gets frightened. She easily goes into panic. She feels blocked when stressed. She would like to look after ill people. She likes to watch shows for families in need. To please people brings her satisfaction. She reads books on spiritual topics, attends yoga and workshops with gurus. About the abortion she felt “pressed to the wall”. She had to make a decision, and she could not. Unable to take responsibility for looking after a child if she stays alone. Now she blames herself for not being brave. She still cries a lot and feels guilty. After the abortion, she had profuse bleeding during her periods. When her brother got ill she felt unable to help him, she was frustrated and desparate. She was very attached to his brother. He was her advisor, supporter, example in life. When he died she felt apathy, emptiness, life had no sense. Her partner is support, security and protection for her. Her relatives are her support, her roots. No one can understand and support you like the family can. The family is the most important. Knowing that someone loves you, that someone is empathic towards you. She felt how much she missed them, as an orphan. She felt vulnerable without them, that she cannot defend herself. The roots are important, she reads books about the folklore. She felt tension in work – she got higher post and she felt it too heavy for her. She does not like public appearances. It is difficult for her to make decisions, she postpones it. She does not like to be in narrow spaces. She has migraine with sensation of constriction in the head and drowsiness. It is important for her to travel. She travels several times a year. Dreams: for her mother, for getting lost. A frightful dream for running into a forest and something chasing her. A dream that she must get down through a tunnel, like bob-sleigh. She was afraid of the height and steepness, but she had no choice and eventually succeeded. She had a dream that her director will go to jail. The feeling in the dream was shame. She does not like cold weather. She loves sun and summer. She likes to swim. Headache from sun. Unquenchable thirst. She had dry skin and mouth. She likes salty food. Aversion: milk. Analysis: Plant kingdom: mild, empathic, soft. Silicon series: family is the most important theme in her life. Relationship, relatives. She needs emotional support. In Silicon series she is in phase 2: needs support, shy, she feels like an orphan. Lanthanide series: her main traumatic experience in life – the abortion – concerns the theme of responsibility. She is interested in spiritual life. She wants to know more about her roots. She wants to help people. In Lanthanide series she is in phase 2: unable to take responsibility. This is confirmed from the dream about a director going to jail and the feeling for shame for being unable to manage with the responsibility. Stage 2: difficult to make decisions, does not take initiative DD: Baryta muriatica natronata is one of the best remedies for uterine cancer with guilt. But the patient needed plant remedy and didn’t have any qualities of phase 7 – she rarely felt anger in her life. Follow up: The allergy gradually disappeared for a month. She is more stable emotionally. She doesn’t cry anymore and she feels happier. After nine months she is ok and does not need to repeat the remedy. The plant Barbeuia madagascariensis is a high liana.