Jan Scholten

Atropa belladonna, Belladonna

Ailments from fright, being attacked, threatened, violated, rape.
Delusion: frightful images, ghosts, black, devil, monsters, spectres, visions, hideous faces, insects, black animals, dogs, wolves, condemned, hell, demons, disaster, attacked.
Delirium, violent, furious, rages, biting, spitting, striking, barking, bellowing, pulling hair, tearing things; fits of laughter, gnashes the teeth; tries to escape, < pain.
Lively, entertaining, acutely alive, excitement, restless; changeable; impatient.
Fear: imaginary things, animals, dogs, dark, light, water, shining and glimmering objects, mirrors.
Violent anger, spitting.
Sensitive, nervous; senses acute, hyperaesthesia, alert.
Disinclined to talk.
Perversity, with tears.
Desire for light.
Angel when well, devil when sick.
Moaning at every breath.
Courageous: riding an ox.
Fearless, loves heights.
Sexual desire diminished.

Sensation: congestion, pulsating, throbbing, violent, burning, pungent, steaming, heat, dry.
Type: sanguine, choleric, bilious, lymphatic, plethoric; light hair, blue eyes, find complexion, delicate skin; right side.
Weather: < heat of sun; < draught; flushes < menopause.
Sweat: only on head.
Time: < 3 pm; acute, sudden.
Desire: sour, lemons, cold drinks, lemonade; drinks, thirst.
Aversion: meat, milk, fat, fish, beans, peas, beer, acid; water; food.
Sleep: restless, screams, crying out, gritting of teeth; sleepless, < closing the eyes, < pulsation of blood-vessels, > sitting half; with hands under head.
Physical: < jarring; >< light; < noise; < touch; < motion; < lying down; < hair cutting, airsickness.

Fever: high, scarlet fever !; tuberculosis; sunstroke.
Nervous: twitching; convulsions, epileptic spasms, grinding teeth, < lying down, < dentition, followed by nausea and vomiting.
Vertigo: falling to left or backwards, < stooping, < rising, < change of position < turning head, < turning in bed.
Head: migraine, pain, fullness, congestive, hot, throbbing, forehead, occiput, temples, right, < light, noise, jar, lying down, motion, least exertion, > pressure, tight bandaging, wrapping up, during menses, boring of head into pillow, > head drawn backward and rolls from side to side, + moaning; hair dry, splits.
Face: red, bluish-red, hot, swollen, shining, flushed; convulsive twitching motions; swelling upper lip; neuralgia; parotid gland swollen.
Eyes: swollen, protruding, staring, glaring, brilliant, wild; shooting, throbbing deep, < lying down; pupils dilated, shining; conjunctiva red, dry, burning; eyelids swollen, squinting, spasms; fundus congested; photophobia; exophthalmus; vision illusions, fiery appearance, diplopia; arc eye.
Ears: tearing, throbbing, beating pain; membrana tympani bulges and injected; otitis media; hematoma auris; inflamed Eustachian tube; hearing very acute, < loud tones, < own voice, humming noises.
Face: erythema; pustules; acne rosacea.
Nose: dry, hot, red, swollen; tingling tip; bleeding; coryza, mucus with blood; imaginary odours.
Mouth: dry; hot teeth throbbing pain, grinding; gumboil; tongue red edges, swollen and painful.
Throat: dry, hot, glazed, congestion, red, right side; tonsils enlarged; constricted; swallowing constant, sensitive, difficult, < liquids; lump; oesophagus dry, contracted; spasms; scraping; throbbing carotids; exophthalmic goitre, thyroid toxemia.
Throat: larynx dry, sore, very painful; foreign body, + cough; hoarse; voice loss, high, piping.
Lungs: cough tickling, short, dry, barking, whooping, < night; respiration oppressed, fast, quick, unequal, laboured, Cheyne-Stokes.
Heart: seemed too large; violent palpitation, < least exertion, reverberating, throbbing in head, body; dichrotism; pulse rapid, weak, full, bounding, globular; hypertension; blood-vessels distended.
Chest: stitches, < coughing.
Stomach: spasms, empty retching, pain < cough; constriction; nausea and vomiting, uncontrollable; spasmodic hiccough.
Abdomen: tender, swollen, distended, hot; pain, cutting, stitches, clutched by a hand, < jar, pressure, across, left side, < cough, sneezing, touch; transverse colon protrudes like a pad; colic; appendicitis.
Rectum: stinging pain; spasmodic stricture; stools thin, green, tardy, dysenteric, lumps, like chalk; shuddering during stool; piles more sensitive with backache; prolapse.
Urinary: urine retention; acute urinary infections; as if motion of a worm; urine scanty, dark, turbid, with phosphates, profuse, bloody; ineffectual straining; incontinence, continuous dropping; enuresis.
Male: testicles hard, drawn up, inflamed; prostate hypertrophy; sweat < night.
Female: menses increased, bright red, too early, profuse, clots; dysmenorrhoea with cramps; vagina dry, hot, sensitive; forcing downwards, protruding at genitals; dragging around loins; menses and lochia very offensive, hot gushes; labour pains come and go suddenly; breasts heavy, hard, red, pain, throbbing, streaks radiate from nipple, mastitis, tumours, < lying down; scanty lochia.
Limbs: cold, icy, feet; shooting, shifting, rheumatic pain; joints swollen, red, shining, with red streaks radiating; tottering gait, involuntary limping; phlegmasia alba dolens; jerking limbs; fractures.
Back: pain, stiff neck, nape, breaking; pain dorsal, < pressure; lumbago, with pain in hips and thighs; glands swollen, tender, red, neck; pain in sacrum; cutting pain from hip to hip.
Skin: dry, hot, swollen, sensitive; burns scarlet, smooth, eruption, eczema, scarlatina, suddenly spreading; boils; suppurating wounds; indurations; sun burn.