Jan Scholten

Names: Asteridae; Asterids; Asteropsida; Sympetalae.
Botany: carpels 2, fused; sepals fused; petals fused, sympetalae; anthers fused with petals; seeds tenuicellate; unitegmic; dicotyledon; pollen tricolpate.

Asteridae has been long recognised as a group. They are also called Sympetalae, meaning that their petals have been fused, grown together, forming one whole. It gives the flower and ovary better protection. The fusion of the petals can be seen as the integration of the soul, the different parts of the soul getting integrated, which is an expression of Lanthanides.
Although also called Sympetalae, not all of the families have fused petals, especially not the ones at the start of the Class, the Dilleniales, Caryophyllales, Ericales and Cornales. Caryophyllales has been added to Asteridae since the Apg3 classification.

1. Hydrogen series: Berberidopsididae.
2. Carbon series: Dilleniidae.
3. Silicon series: Caryophyllidae.
4. Iron series: Ericidae.
5. Silver series: Lamiidae.
6. Lanthanides: Campanulidae.