Jan Scholten


They are very family oriented. They feel at home in a big extended family, where the relations keep in close contact. They feel that families should stay together and help each other, that is obvious, it is without question. With the help of family and friends one can overcome all sorts of problems in life, the hardship, losses, disasters. Loss of a husband can be overcome more easily when you are supported by members of the family. The bigger the family, the easier it is for the others to be of help, everyone can do their bit to help. In a big family there is always someone you feel close to. If there are financial disasters, you can build up your life again with the help of family. It is much easier to build a house for one of the family members with the help of a big family.
They feel responsible for their family. They want to gather a big fortune, big enough to help everyone in the family, to help them build a house and start a company. They want to be able to help everyone in the family to have a good life, enough food, a good marriage and a nice home, good family life.

Sexual maturation disorder, immaturity, too small, sexual maturity too late, too early.
Early senility.
Secret lover of an older married man who waits in vain for him to leave his family.
Confusion, being here or there.
Desire to be on top, to be seen as the leader.
Anger, < opposition.
Endurance, strength, energy.
Rigidity versus flexibility.
Strong family connections; supporting each other.
Averse to sympathy.
Tough, rebuilding life after every setback.
Enjoy life, food, sex, romantic, love; paradise.
Sexual desire, high excesses.
Closing things off, passing on old things, closing themselves off from problems.
Taking things as they are.
Feeling that the essence of problems cannot be understood.
Normal, desire to be normal, they have to be normal.
They just carry on, they have to do something, when one thing does not work one just tries something else; and one thing is not better than the other.
One has to live.
You only live once.
Sensitive to music, sensitivity to noise.
Feeling they do not know the answer any more, they do not know what is going to happen, or if there is a God.
They ask themselves what is the purpose of life, why are they are doing this, in the end things are not working any more, it did not work out, is that all there is? Is that what life is about?
Themes: victory, peace; brave; erect; wise; providing food, providing a home, houses, furniture; fuel.
Rigid, versus flexible.

General: cancer, tumours.
Infection: yeast, tuberculosis.
Eyes: iritis.
Ears: pain.
Throat: sore; pain, < swallowing.
Lungs: asthma; bronchitis; cough.
Heart: disease.
Chest: breasts too large, too small, fat, inflated.
Urinary: urine scanty; dropsy.
Male: impotence; orchitis; prostatitis, gonorrhoea.
Female: vaginitis; infertility; breast pain.
Skin: dermatitis.