Jan Scholten


The best known remedy of the Araliaceae is Ginseng, botanically known as Panax ginseng. Panax is coming from panacea which means helping for everything. That is what Ginseng does, it overcomes every disease by giving strength, vitality and energy.
They are very energetic and enthusiastic, doing everything with great strength and vigour. In the end this can exhaust them but first they can achieve a lot. They want to be the best, especially for themselves. It is not so important what others think of them as long as they themselves feel that they are in control of their own life. They want to be independent, lead their own life. They hate to be influenced, dominated or taken over, be it by parents, spouse or authorities.

The main theme can be found in the change of power position. The young ones try to become powerful, get strength in order to take over the position of the old leader. They want to learn much and fast, so that they can compete with others who want to take over and become so strong and talented that they can challenge and chase away the old leader. The old leader on the other hand wants to keep his position, wants to maintain his strength and talent so that he cannot be attacked. He wants to keep his position with all the advantages of having the best things and the most beautiful wives and sex with them.

They want to be big, capable, good, strong, adult. They want to be as the adults, as the older brothers, as the parents.
They are often disobedient, want to go their own way. They can become very angry when they feel forced or dominated.

They can also have a desire to be seen as good. They have an aversion to be taken for granted, they want people to note them and take them into consideration. They want to be the centre of attention, as a man that is seen as having achieved things. Or they can have an aversion to be in the centre of attention when they feel they have not achieved anything special.

They want to be autonomous. They have an aversion being given tasks, being dominated. As children they are often disobedient and even become angry when told what to do. They want to be in control. They can be very perfectionistic.

They have a strong vitality. They can do a lot and are very busy. As children they can be overactive, even have ADHD; they like to run, do sports and be busy. They can be impulsive. The background is that they want to learn and experience a lot so that they will become capable people very soon.

They have a strong element of competition. Early in life this is with their siblings. Later it can be with rival families or businesses. This can give rise to feelings of guilt but they will keep fighting.

Endurance, power, indestructable, restoring, enhancing, perseverance, strength, courage.
Exhaustion, depletion, burnout, collapse, fatigue, weak, depressed, neurasthenia, < debilitating diseases, < overwork, stress, demands, < care taking, < psychic intuition over practical reality.
Magical; redeeming the dark intuitive forces; heal others, miraculous, hands on healing.
Deep thinking alternating with impulsiveness or simply copying something, lightness of being.
Naïve perspective; especially morally.
Insidiously dictatorial.
Taking care of a child with terminal illness; intertwined.
Impulsively following emotions; impulsive reaction to everything and therefore great anxiety.
Impatience, hurry.
Ailments from death of or separation from innocent child, soul mate and present partner.
Desire freedom; aversion rules, emotional constriction, constricting emotions of others.
Restlessness; too much energy, bursting with energy alternates with prostration.
Courage, bald, careless, calmness in the face of anger, lack consequence, at work, practical.
Contentment alternating with impulsiveness.
Instincts, of sex and romance over common sense and practical concerns.
Sexual desire increased.
Fear: misfortune; heart disease; child will die young.
Fear: disease, death, weakness, impotence.
Fear: seen as not serious, belittled, ridiculed.

Sensation: constricting; lancinating, shooting.
Weather: chilly.
Time: < 11 pm.
Desire: sour.
Aversion: milk, sour, sauerkraut.
Physical: > leaning forward, >< sitting, >< walking.

Head: headache, migraine, forehead, behind eyes, temples cold, full, stiff, pressing, > pressure, > leaning, < exertion.
Eyes: black spots.
Mouth: loss of saliva; Sjogren’s disease.
Face: swelling of sinuses.
Lungs: asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, < exertion, < running; cough < 11 pm, < exertion, > leaning forward, >< sitting, < walking; fluids; swelling.
Heart: problems, arteriosclerosis.
Chest: constriction.
Male: sexual desire increased.
Back: weak, exhausting.