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Apiales have many aspects of Phase 7. On the physical level one can see paralysis, epilepsy and mental retardation. On the emotional level there is a distant attitude, cold and hard as if not making connections.
Together with the Lanthanide aspect it gives an emotional control, a control of their whole being. Their spiritual inclination can lead to renunciation, of love, relationships, of life. The most extreme is spiritual renunciation, going into a cloister, even letting themselves become immured.

They can easily get in situations where they get persecuted, because of their philosophical, political and scientific opinions and insights. One can think of people like Galileï, Spinoza, Socrates or groups like the Huguenots or Cathars. Their autonomous way of living can provoke violence form the leading powers.

They have to control themselves in order to be perfect. The control is mostly done by their mind. The perfectionism is often a control of the bodily functions: they have to be quiet, cultivated. Urination and stool are out of the question and the same goes for flatus, belching, babbling, running or just doing something out of sheer lust or desire.

When the control goes further they do not have contact with their emotions and bodily sensations anymore. The body feels numb: they do not know if they are hungry or thirsty, if they have urge for urination or stool. They can even “invent” bodily sensations, foreign things in their body, not knowing if it is theirs or something foreign.

Their mind is very developed. They can even think their emotions away. Or they can think and philosophise so much about things that they do not what they started with. Intellectually they can perform very well; their school results are usually very good. They can also perform well in creative jobs like art and science, as long as it is under control.

They are loners. They feel better on their own, when no one is watching them. Then they can loosen up and let the control go a bit. In company they have the feeling that they have to be perfect and on the watch for what the others want and think. They can be very communicative, talk about all kinds of intellectual, creative, political, spiritual matters but they do not talk easily about their own inner side.

They love the dark and shun the light, the opposite of the Solanaceae. In the dark no one can see them anymore, then they feel free. They like black as a colour. The blackness is also an expression of their “dark”, lustful side, a side that they have lost contact with and want to come into contact with again.

Their senses are well developed. It helps them to see the world carefully and so they will know how much they have to control themselves. In the later stages of the disease their senses get exhausted, start to deteriorate and become dull: the vision and hearing is diminished, taste and smell are less, touch is numb.

They can have a desire or aversion to sex. Sex can be one of the few things that bring them back in contact with their body, their vitality. As such they can have a strong desire and become promiscuous. On the other hand they can have an strong aversion to sex, as it is something that is out of their control.

They often have a poor relationship with their mother. Their mother can be distant or cold, or they had a distance towards her. This aversion to their mother is physically expressed in an aversion to and aggravation from milk, especially that of their mother. The result is that they have a kind of coldness, a clinical, materialistic “view” towards the world. They lack warmth and love as in “normal” human relationships. This makes them doubtful about themselves as a parent. Having had such a bad and cold youth, they doubt if they can raise children and give them a warm “nest”. They do not want to have children and often even do not want to marry. They feel that they are better on their own. But that leads again to a lack of warmth and sex. This situation is often the case in monks and sisters in monasteries.

Intellectual, love of truth, objective, distant, above good and evil.
Mistakes between good and bad, friend or enemy.
Sharp, clinical, cynical, lacking warmth, cruelty.
Mistakes: writing, adding.
Desire or aversion superstition, rituals; controlling, obsessive, diet; fixed ideas.
Conservative, do not change, keep the way they are.
Loner; desire company, > consolation, > sympathy, < alone; aversion to company, people, company, strangers the unknown.
Mentally strong, thinking constantly, absorbed in thoughts.
Scientist, materialist, sceptics, fundamentalist, hard thoughts.
Laughing spasmodically.
Sexual excitability; sex aversion, numb, dead.
Incest, cloister sex, masturbation, sex with everyone, < no relation, cold.
Playful, desire to play.
Rejects everything offered to him.
Mother: difficult relation, aversion to mother, mother’s milk; aversion having children.
Lack of love, warmth.
Ungrounded, not in contact with emotions.
Unconnected, not involved in passion or relationships, desire freedom.
Nervous, restless, chaotic, airy, erratic thinking, easily distracted.
Oversensitive to all impressions, noise, smells, light, rudeness, others.
From an overcrowded family, having no own personality.
Ailments from studying too much, problems with study; loss of wife or husband, financial loss.
Fear: disease, AIDS.
Dreams: sexual.
Colour preference: dark; black.

Sensation: acute, hypersensitive, lump, foreign body; numb; dry.
Weather: chilly, > warmth, < cold; > dark, < light.
Time: < morning.
Desire: healthy, alcohol, food.
Aversion: food, milk, mother’s milk !.
Food: < alcohol, wine, beer, milk.
Sleep: sleepy, sleepless; comatose.
Physical: < motion, < active exercise, > gentle motion, < after sitting; < stool, < urination, < perspiration, < eating.

Discharge: offensive.
Nervous: !; epilepsy, no aura; absences; chorea, spasm, < sleep; neuralgia; paralysis; senses acute or diminished.
Vertigo: falling, < rising, < motion, > lying.
Head: headache, > flatus.
Eyes: twitching; vision colours, points, flickering, stars; diplopia, diminished, blind.
Ears: noises, deafness.
Nose: tip; smell acute, oversensitive; diminished, lost.
Throat: !; lump, spasm, constant swallowing; burning.
Lungs: !; asthma, < coition; cough hacking; pneumonia.
Chest: breasts pain, inflammation, milk copious or scanty.
Abdomen: full, distended, bloated.
Rectum: constipation.
Urinary: !; inflammation; urine retention.
Female: frigidity.
Male: !; pain testes, chordee, impotence.
Female: menses copious, absent; infertility; milk scanty.
Back: cold, < morning; kyphosis.
Limbs: heavy, numb, weary.
Skin: blisters, rashes, pimples; ulcers; dermatitis, < light; vitiligo; psoriasis; leprosy.


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