Jan Scholten


Monogamy is the big issue. There is a strong sexual desire, a Nitrogen quality to enjoy life and feel respected and great. On the other hand there is a big fear to be left alone, to be seen as unattractive and not worth to have a relationship with anymore. Monogamy is an issue in all Monocots but is increased here, the desire to maintain of Phase 5 and the fear to lose of Subphase 6.
There is a differential diagnosis with the Melanthiaceae of the Liliales. The Amaryllidaceae have as a primary feeling that the relationship will go on but fear it might end. The Melanthiaceae have as a primary feeling that it might end but hope it will continue.
They feel part of the family but think about leaving as it does not give them enough love and respect.

Sexual excitement in conflict with their monogamy.
When their spouse isn't very sexual they have a conflict with their spouse or internally.
This can lead to struggle and fights in the marriage.
But these will also lead to feelings of guilt and anxiety of conscience out of their high moral standards.
A solution can be to suppress their sexual desire, with all the physical consequences such as hayfever and genital diseases.
Theme: purity; offensive; lust; adultery.
Queen, mysterious lady.
Haughty, pride.
Protection, oath.
Memory impaired, forgetful, dementia.
Deceit, enchantment, intoxication.
Religious tendency, spiritual.
Desire: purity of marriage, be monogamous.
Sexual, lascivious
Dreams: storms and wild, rising waters.

Weather: < inside, < warm room; < change of temperature.
Desire: onions; garlic.
Food: < onion, garlic, chives, leek; < smell of peaches; < coffee; < cucumber; < wine; < starchy food; < rich food; < salads; < warm food; < spoiled fish; < fish; < meat; < spoiled meat; > onion; > cold water.
Physical: < grasses; > bathing, washing; > yawning, stretching.

Head: brain underdeveloped, atrophy.
Nose: hayfever; allergic.
Lungs: bronchitis; asthma, allergic.
Heart: complaints; arteriosclerosis; hypertension.
Abdomen: flatulence; cramping; liver atrophy.
Rectum: diarrhoea.
Urinary: cystitis.
Male: testicle atrophy; prostatitis.
Limbs: neuralgia; phantom pain.