Jan Scholten


It is the theme of the hooligan. They are angry because they are not allowed to share in the wealth of society. They live in poor conditions with low hope of getting out of it. They have a simple or no job, earn little money and have no schooling or intelligence to develop further. They feel society is unjust and unfair. This is exaggerated because internally they feel all people are equal, they feel they are equal in worth to higher classes. They do not mind to earn less but it should not be unfair. They should not live in the shit, the dirt, the smog and slums.

Likes to enjoy life, have pleasure, sensuality.
AiIments form changes, transitions.
Resistance, endurance, strength, never giving up.
Feels unwelcome, damned, forsaken, left by God.
Longing for a partner and soulmate.
Longing for reverence, being honoured.
Hiding pain and grief behind a pokerface.
Ailments from insinuations, gossip, slander.
Angry, hatred, irritability, explosive, bitter revenge, << slander.
Revolting, revolutionary.
Anger from being put in low circumstances, inferior jobs, dirty surroundings.
Endurance, perseverance, persistence, strength to survive harsh conditions.
Feels special, having equal rights like others but is not recognised as such.
Duality, as if having two contradicting personalities.
Theme: fire, heat, red.

Sensation: burning, dry, hot.
Physical: << intoxication, electrical smog, smog.

Eyes: vision impaired.
Ears: hearing impaired.
Rectum: diarrhoea, watery, acute; cholera.