Jan Scholten


They feel small and weak, lacking power. They are easily overlooked, not heard and even worse walked over, trampled. Internally they feel special, they know they are individuals with as much worth as anyone else but they are not in a position to express it, they lack the power. So they keep things in, hide their feelings from others in order not to be used even more or to be ridiculed or stamped into the ground. They keep in the background and adapt, knowing inside that they are free and autonomous in their inner world.
They have a deep inner spiritual feeling, knowing everyone has equal worth. This means that they are not very interested in social position and career. They can be quite content with minor positions and work, like workers and servants.
They try to find their own way in life, enjoying nature and the sun, the things that cannot be taken away. They try to give as much love as they can, to be the sun in their family and surroundings. They feel it is the most positive for themselves as well as their surroundings, even their suppressors. Personal contacts are the most important for them, especially family and friends.
They have a big heart. The heart is their strong and weak spot. Their heart can feel open or closed, empty or full, expanded or tight and constricted.
Carbon series: special, individual worth.
Silicon series: family, children, friends.
Lanthanides: free and autonomous; spiritual.
Phase 2: small, weak; minor positions; ridiculed.
Subphase 5: gaiety; exhilaration; cheerful.

Gaiety, laughing; exhilaration; cheerful; bright; alert.
Anxiety, stress.
Depression, lethargy.
Powerless, passive, adapting to harsh circumstances.
Stay cool in a storm.

Sensation: light; electric tingle.
Desire: food, appetite increased, < walking long distances in arid areas.

Ears: ringing.
Mouth: toothache.
Stomach: pain.
Heart: palpitations, pulse fast.