Jan Scholten

664.72.00 Actinidiaceae
English: Chinese Gooseberry family.
Botany: 3 genera;: Clematoclethra, Saurauia, Actinidia; ± 360 species; small trees or shrubs, or vines; alternate, simple, spiral leaves with serrate or entire margins, without stipules, with flattened bristles; flowers solitary or in terminal cymes; free sepals and petals; stamens are numerous and originally attached at the back; dioecious, monoecious or hermaphroditic; fruit a berry.

The placement of the Actinidiaceae in the Ericales was highly controversial. The USDA Plants Database still places Actinidiaceae in Theales. In the Apg3 classification Actinidiaceae are placed in the Ericales, strongly supported by genetic evidence, in the Ericoid clade, sister to the Roridulaceae.