Jan Scholten

English: Acanthus family.
French: Acanthacees.
DD: Silver series, Oxygen, Phosphor.
Botany: Verbenales; 250 genera; 2500 species; tropical; Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Brazil, Central America; herbs, shrubs, twining vines; some epiphytes; leaves, cystoliths, calcium carbonate; flowers in spike, raceme, or cyme; flowers with bracts, bracteoles, colourful, large and showy; fruit capsule, dehiscing explosively; seeds are attached to a small, hooked stalk.

In the Apg3 classification Acanthaceae is a Family in Lamiales.
Acanthaceae was formerly placed in Scrophulariales. The older families Avicenniaceae, Mendonciaceae, Nelsoniaceae and Thunbergiaceae are included in Acanthaceae.
In the Plant theory Verbenales is split off from Lamiales. Acanthaceae is in Subphase 2 in Verbenales. Acanthaceae have cystoliths which are small points of calcium carbonate. The Calcium coincides with the Phase 2.